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Welcome to Hallmark Global Group Limited

Hallmark Group Limited was incorporated March 11, 2000 as an Oil and Gas servicing company with a vision to provide solutions to key challenges in the energy sector.

We are one of the leading Oil and Gas servicing companies in Nigeria, providing top notch Upstream and Downstream energy services in Pipeline and Structural Integrity Maintenance, Access Provision, Mechanical Fittings and Construction, Welding and Fabrication, Installation of Pressure Safety Valves, Process Piping and Personnel Skill Training.

Hallmark possesses and employs certified equipment and personnel deployed for services nationwide.


To be the most reliable and efficient composite repair service company in Nigeria.



  • To provide quality, safe and cost effective solution to our clients
  • To develop engineering-based solutions to solve critical problems
  • To develop a motivated and talented workforce
  • Through training and research, develop innovative and talented skilled workforce in other to bridge the African oil and gas industry man-power deficit

Composite Leak & Reinforcement Repair Technology

Hallmark Global Petroleum Limited and Clock Spring Inc. of Texas, U.S.A, have been able to create a formidable partnership delivering the best composite pipeline repair services in Nigeria.

Hallmark has successfully completed over 200 repairs since striking this partnership with Clock Spring offshore and onshore in Oriental Energy field and Exxon Mobil Platforms. Repairs varying from straight pipe geometry to bends, elbows, tees, reducers, valves, flanges, tanks, bridles and encapsulations.

All Clock Spring products generally are cost saving with less repair lead time, thereby reducing Shutdown time and saving cost.

Major Benefits Of Composite Pipe Repair

Quick, simple, easy installation
Minimizes all field errors
Maximizes operational efficiency
Saves significant money
Enhances short-term and long-term safety


Mechanical Construction and Process Piping

HGP has been executing several Hydrocarbon Process piping/construction projects


Oil & Gas Skill Training

Tropical Basic Offshore Safety Induction and Emergency Training. T-BOSIET: (OPITO)


Scaffolding Erection and Dismantling

HGP  specializes in both onshore and offshore scaffolding services.


Pipeline and Structural Integrity Maintenance

Hallmark Group Limited and Clock Spring Inc. of Texas, U.S.A, have been able to create a formidable partnership delivering the best composite pipeline repair services in Nigeria. All Clock Spring products generally have short repair lead time, thereby reducing shutdown time and saving cost.


Welding and Fabrication

Hallmark Group Limited has a fabrication workshop of 120ft X 52ft on a yard space of 30,000m2 at her operations base at 102, Igbo Etche Road off Eleme junction, Port Harcourt, Nigeria. We have within the past 10years undertaken various categories of welding and fabrication projects; ranging from pre-installation shop welding and fabrication, field welding of pre-fabricated spools, cryogenic system stainless/argon welding.



Pipeline Integrity Management

Hallmark Group Limited’s Corrosion Protection platform provides a variety of products and services to help comply with regulations and extend the useful life of infrastructure. At the foundation is pipeline integrity management. Pipeline integrity management maximizes the useful life of each pipeline asset by continuously combining strategically designed engineering analyses and assessments.

Not only is Pipeline Integrity Management essential to comply with government regulations, but being proactive with pipeline maintenance can save headaches and money over time.

In 2017, Hallmark Group struck a partnership with Clock Spring, Texas, UK to be her in-country partner oustonin pipeline integrity management to do repairs using Advanced Composite Technology